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Ökopark project

The primary goal of Jánoshida Ökopark Zrt. is to reduce waste generation in accordance with the principles of circular economy, using innovative technologies that are in line with the climate policy guidelines set by the concept of sustainable development. In addition, the technological innovations applied in some parts of the investment will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used in the further production of the product and thus also CO2 emissions. No chemical processes are used in any of the plants, there is no pollution of the environment and no waste is generated during processing and manufacturing products.

The investment as a whole is an excellent example of a circular economy, as the raw materials produced by each plant unit can be recycled within the Company for use in product manufacture.

Our success lies in our knowledge, innovation, ability, energy and cost-efficient processing methods and the production of quality products and raw materials.

The investment will be carried out on an industrial site of 105 469 m2, where we intend to create a complex waste management industrial park with the following project elements:

Stage 1: Tyre and industrial rubber waste processing plant
Stage 2: EV battery waste processing plant
Stage 3: Solar panel waste processing plant
Stage 4: Non-ferrous metals, precious metals smelter
Stage 5: Product manufacturing plant
Stage 6: Waste processing machinery plant
Stage 7: Complex large laboratory and training centre

Local patriotism, geographical location, accessibility, and the skills, qualifications and diligence of the workers to be employed played a significant role in the choice of the property.

With its commitment to sustainable development and its support for sport as a social commitment, Jánoshida Ökopark Zrt. offers an outstanding opportunity to create a better future for the next generations.

What we achieve with the Ökopark project:

  • Independence from supply chains
  • Predictable operation
  • Stable raw material supply
  • Full recycling, product manufacturing
  • Continuous development and research potential
  • Achieving a key position at the European level in the field of circular economy

Work with us for sustainable development!


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